Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Steel Rainfall

Ain't no "why" once flak and bone fly.
The fog of war. The blinded crowd.
Brassy anthems play out, proud.
Drums beat out the same old call:
"Embrace with us the steel rainfall".

Stars and spangles fade to gray.
Were they colored yesterday?
Once again the wheel comes 'round.
The blood of good men feeds the ground
While with ingenious sleight of hand
Kings and generals make their stand
And with a patriarchal frown
They lock the whole damn kingdom down.

The innocents that we would free
Sleep beneath a symphony
Of missiles and artillery
While an arrogant cacophony
Of procedural propriety
Hides our culpability.

The Laws of Social Dynamics

  1. Never get a stiffy for your boss.
  2. The ability to alter the facts to fit their views is the one thing stupid people have in common with powerful ones.
  3. The reason you hate your parents is that most of the time, they're right.
  4. The reason you hate your kids is that most of the time, they're right.
  5. Waitresses don't flirt with you. They get paid to look you in the eye and smile.
  6. Everybody loves an honest man who knows how to keep his mouth shut.
  7. The more reason you have to be lonely, the less anyone cares how you feel.
  8. Listen by watching. Talk is composed of flapping lips and hot air.
  9. Thoughtlessness is deadlier than malice.
  10. If you're bored, it's because you're boring.
  11. Most people will thank you for your patience by blowing you off.
  12. Cheaters prosper.
  13. No matter how much they smile, everybody hates the last asshole in the bar.
  14. Nine lies out of ten are told at you, not to you.
  15. Beauty and character are an exceedingly rare combination.
  16. The likelihood of any given group making an intelligent decision is inversely proportional to the number of people in the group.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#OurRevolution is Dead. Progressives Killed It.

#OurRevolution has doomed itself. By deciding that promoting progressivism is more important than putting a stop to government corruption they have permanently marginalized themselves.

Bernie had a wide range of independents supporting him including libertarians like myself and other disenfranchised conservatives. He even had the support of a number of Republicans. But be clear...
We supported Bernie despite his progressive world view, NOT because of it.

With the appointment of Jeff Weaver as the unelected "President" of the organization #OurRevolution is clearly positioning itself to put itself into debt to big donors, become a part of the corruption that it's pretending to champion against. It has decided to accept systemic corruption in order to promote a progressive agenda.

That is not a movement I have any wish to join.

The Greens are no alternative either. Bernie was a reformer who happened to be a progressive. We could live with that. Jill Stein is a progressive who happens to be a reformer. That's a pretty big difference.

We need put an end to the oligarchy FIRST. We need to agree to disagree on everything else. We can work out the rest of our differences later.

No... this "revolution" is over. Progressives killed it. I'm going back to the Libertarians for now.

You "revolutionaries" let us know when you're ready to start a revolution we can ALL get behind. Let us know when you're ready to focus on getting the legalized corruption out of the political process.

In the meantime enjoy getting nothing done.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Monkey Tale

I climbed to the top of the highest tree in the forest
Just so I could see the view

But there was a dead monkey up there
And that made me sad

I decided to enjoy my success from halfway down.

It was still very grand
And it didn't smell so much like dead monkey.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Maybe this is our fault. Maybe we weren't clear. Maybe we shouldn't have made it so personal. It doesn't really matter any more, but I feel the need to try to explain it one last time.

When we told you we were #BernieOrBust we meant it, but maybe we shouldn't have made it about Bernie. When we told you we were #NeverHillary we meant it, but maybe we shouldn't have made it about Hillary.

This isn't about them. It never was.

This is about a system of government we no longer believe in.

No... I'm not talking about the Republic. I'm talking about what it has become as a direct result of the so-called "two party system", which has really become more of a single "pro-business" party with two squabbling factions.

We like to pretend this process is Democratic, but it's not. The same tiny handful of super wealthy corporations owns and funds the whole pageant. The same moneyed interests fund both parties and own the media that props it up.

Bernie tried to challenge this system from the inside, and he chose the Democratic party to do it. We supported him because we supported what he was trying to do, and by extension we supported you. 
Maybe we should have used the hashtag #DemocracyOrBust. Maybe we should have used the hashtag #NeverOligarchy. Maybe if we had depersonalized it you would have understood our message more clearly. By personalizing it we invited recriminations and bruised egos to obfuscate what we were trying to say.
But that's not how hashtags work. Hashtags are reflections of our flawed, beautiful selves in all our glory. They reflect the passion of the moment and as people we can't help ourselves but to write our plays replete with heroes and villains.

And let's be honest, when confronted by an opposing point of view we'd all rather be offended than try to see clearly into a deeper underlying meaning.

The problem with Hillary Clinton isn't that Hillary Clinton is a bad politician.

Quite the opposite. She's an extraordinarily skilled and accomplished politician. The problem is the system she is a part of, which literally legalizes bribery. Being a masterful operator in a system which leverages campaign financing into legislative power and incentivizes corruption by allowing politicians to amass vast personal fortunes by peddling influence is not something to be proud of.

Now it's over.

We're sorry you've chosen not to embrace our campaign to restore Democracy to the Republic, but we will not be unifying with you in support of the Oligarchy.

You're going to have to pull this one off without our help.

Please don't take this as an invitation to debate or persuade. Don't waste your time and ours trying to convince us that your Oligarch is better than their Oligarch or trying to scare us with Donald Trump. We know all about the supreme court. We've heard it all before.

Trump and Clinton are just two sides of the same coin. This isn't an election any more. It's a dog and pony show and when it's over Hillary and Donald will still be going to the same cocktail parties together, with all the same wealthy donors whispering in their ears, smiling for the cameras and laughing at each others jokes.

In four more years, when nothing has changed, we can try again.

A Simple Free Market Equation

In the end
Math don't bend.

You gave it away yesterday.
Ain't nobody gonna give it back.
You're out of the black.

Ain't no exchange,
   no price range,
      no market,
         no store,
            no commodities floor

Sells the shit you really need.
And everybody
      EVERYBODY needs a thneed.

Like a wallet we clutch at some broken old crutch:
   Thinking to much?
   Afraid of the pain?

You can't have a headache if you don't have a brain.
Don't pump blood if you're afraid of the stain.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Democratic Party is Wasting it's Breath

Why I'll Never "Unify" Behind Hillary

It's not because I'm a conservative. It's because she's a "conservative", or more accurately, she's a Republican.

The Republicans like to brand themselves as conservatives, but they're not. Most people who self-identify as "conservative" believe in all kinds of oppressive politically liberal policies. Likewise many self described "liberals" actually support a lot of Conservative values.

If you accept the most basic definition of political conservatism as a function of smaller, government, lower taxes, and less intrusion on the lives of citizens, the Republican brand of conservatism becomes laughable.

The drug war does NOTHING to advance the cause of political conservatism.

Creating government bureaucracies and law enforcement agencies to regulate who can get married or use which bathroom does NOTHING to advance political conservatism.

A large military, constant war, the Patriot Act, Domestic Surveillance; All of these Republican "conservative values" are viscerally offensive to real political conservatism.  ANYTHING that does not protect the welfare of people, their rights to life, and liberty (their rights under the Constitution) is just none of the Governments damn business.

The term "Social Conservatism" was coined specifically to deflect criticism that modern neoconservatives no longer reflect real politically conservative values. The real meaning of "Social Conservatism" is; "Big government liberal positions held by people who like to pretend they hate big government and liberals".

I don't agree with a LOT of Bernie's policy's, but on the core issue of government corruption and corporate influence I agree with him completely. Until we break the stranglehold of the Oligarchy on the political process it will never be possible to make, or even honestly address, any kind of meaningful change (including a shift toward real political conservatism, many planks of which are better represented by the progressive movement than they are by the Republican party).

In the meantime, if the government is going to steal a third of my income anyway? I'd just as soon they spend it on education and health care than on bombs and bank bail-outs.

Legalized corruption is not an issue that Hillary will EVER address. Quite the opposite, government corruption is the source of ALL her wealth and power. She not only won't address them, she has shown that she will fight to protect that system time and time again.

I will NEVER support Hillary Clinton for president. If that means we have to trust God to see us through 4 years with a racist buffoon in the Oval Office, so be it.

I remain, and will remain, #BernieOrBust.