Sunday, February 19, 2017

Democrats Are Determined to Keep Losing to the GOP

Democrats are stubbornly refusing to understand the message they are being sent by the American electorate. Having lost a presidential election to the least popular presidential candidate in history they are eagerly chugging down their own Kool-Aide. They are blaming the Russians, the FBI, Jill Stein, third party voters, and anyone else they can find without the resources or political cache to publicly defend themselves.

The corporate media, willing to say anything to hide it's collusion in the rise of Trump, is pandering to their every word.

While I personally find these excuses laughable, let's assume for one second that it's all true. All any of this does is explain how Clinton lost the presidential election and conveniently ignores that the Democrats have lost more than a thousand house seats in eight years.

It is clear that the American electorate is fed up with the Democratic party, yet the democrats, with their typical apathy and self righteous certainty in their own wisdom, are refusing to make any changes that might indicate that they are hearing the cries of anger coming even from within their own party ranks. They have chosen, instead, to hold the course and ride out the next four years. They have kept all their party old bosses enthroned certain that the independent voters that swung to trump were somehow fooled by his con. They are certain that after four years of Trump's iconic brand of sheer incompetence these lost sheep will flock back to their corrupt "lesser evil" campaign strategy.

The Democrats are even making noises about running Hillary Clinton again.

As always, the Democrats are underestimating the American voter, and in so doing they are virtually guaranteeing an eight year Trump regime.

The Democrat's current strategy makes two presumptions.

The first is that Donald Trump has no intention of keeping any of his campaign promises and has every intention of selling out the middle class to enrich himself and his entourage. This is a fair and reasonable assumption which, for all practical purposes, rather falls into the category of, "No shit, Sherlock."

Their second assumption is that when his voters see this they will be disillusioned making the 2020 race an easy win. They couldn't be more wrong.

The fundamental assumption, that Trump voters are a bunch of idiots who bought into Trumps con is both typical of the neoliberal intellectual superiority complex, and JUST PLAIN WRONG.

The VAST majority of Trumps voters know EXACTLY what Trump is.

They will be neither surprised nor disappointed with the Trump administrations constant blunders and failures. They are counting on it. To most trump voters this election is a thumb in the eye of a political establishment that has failed them, again and again and again and again...

And it seems fairly certain that the same conditions that allowed a jaded and abandoned electorate to troll the entire nation with a Trump administration will still be alive and well in 2020.

Hunker Down. It's going to be a LONG eight years.


Seeker said...

Actually there is very good fucking reasons to blame the Russians and voter suppression.

that may not fit in your little rant, and I understand (because I do it, too) you like to sound like the smartest guy in the world with contempt for anyone who doesn't buy your rants.

But facts do matter.

You also don't seem to care or know that DEMS won the popular vote -- and if not for voter suppression, wins easily in the electoral college too.

Seeker said...

Id be more impressed with your rants by the way, if you ever ran a race for governor or even for local school board. Everyone is a damn expert, and the less they have actually done with elections, the more they seem to be sure they know it all.

You should try running against FOX SPEWS, hate radio, corporate bastards, the Russians. Just FOX SPEWS 20 years of non stop hate and fear mongering and lying is an unprecedented assault on truth and reason, done solely to give GOP power.

Yet Hillary got millions more votes.

You do something like that, I will listen and appreciate everything you have to say.

Kenny Marshall said...
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Kenny Marshall said...

Very little in life gives me the same joy as a triggered, butt-hurt fascist Democrat.

You can cry until you're fucking blue, but if you really think it's credible that the Russians had an impact on the election then you still need to come to terms with the reality that your shit candidate couldn't overcome them with her TWO BILLION DOLLARS in campaign spending (and we'll never know how much from her Super PACs).

As for voter suppression, your complaints would ring a lot truer if your party hadn't done EXACTLY the same thing in the primary.

For Christ's sake PLEASE stop bragging about the popular vote. It just makes you look stupid. It's like a football team trying to pretend it won the Super Bowl because they got the most yardage. That's not how the game is played.

Worse... The Electoral College is rigged to favor EXPERIENCED POLITICIANS. You lost TO A COMPLETE NOOB. You should be hanging your heads in SHAME, not BRAGGING about it.

And just FYI... Take Cali out of the equation and you lost the popular vote, too.

For the record, I don't watch FOX news. I don't watch TV news, period.

Did you know that studies have shown that people who watch Fox News are less informed than people who don't pay any attention to the news at all?

Same for MSNBC. Lemme guess what YOU watch.

As for my personal experiences in politics, you don't know me. Don't pretend you do. I was a delegate for Jerry Brown when you were still shitting your diapers.