Neverwinter Nights

I am a HUGE Neverwinter Nights fan. I was the news editor for the long lost website and I still manage the Neverwinter Connections Facebook Page.

This is the only spot on this site where I'm going to try to get you to pay money for something... unless I decide to try my hand at self publishing. BUY THIS GAME. It's the best ten bucks you'll ever spend on entertainment.

If you don't already own NWN, get it here. Get it now, and if you have any doubts at all here's why. Don't bother playing the original single-player campaign. It sucks. Go straight to NeverwinterConnections and try to find a campaign to join. In the meantime you can cut your teeth playing Shadows of Undrentide as a SinglePlayer game. 

Neverwinter Nights 2 is a great game too, but NWN is the real classic. Ten years after it's initial release it still has an active community.

The files below are some of the custom work I've done for NWN. These files aren't of any use to you unless you're an NWN toolset jockey...
  • Urk's Greyhawk Library: NWN is set in the Forgotten Realms, but my campaign takes place in Greyhawk. This is a complete library of Greyhawk specific books to be left behind as treasure and background for players.
  • Urk's 1.69 Horse Stable: This is a scripted stable for selling and boarding horses in 1.69. It's designed to use custom horse blueprints rather than the standard ones used by vanilla NWN, so it does require some tweaking to get it to run properly. I keep meaning to install a truly "plug'n play version", and I keep not having time.
  • Urk's DM Tools: Three tools for DM's. One allows the DM to become completely invisible to himself and other DM's (great for taking screenies and keeping an eye on probationary DMs), another allows the DM to force time to pass more quickly (handy for allowing players to have extended rests or long journeys without having to twiddle their thumbs for hours waiting for the clock or calendar to catch up with them), and finally a tool that allows the DM to force fatigue on the players (a great tool for forcing the players to GO HOME ALREADY).
  • Killer Death System Conversations: A custom temple system that considers a PC's alignment when they request services like healing, temple services, and resurrection.
  • Urk's Random One-Liners for NPCs: A simple script set for populating "just plain folk" in large modules with unique, dynamic conversations. 
Most of my other  stuff is obsolete, but if you want to see a complete list check out my IGN portfolio.

Great Modules
  Single Player
  • Darkness Over Daggerford: I don't like solo modules, but every now and then one comes along worth playing. This module was supposed to be DLC for NWN but Atari cancelled development. Ossian studios went ahead and finished it anyway, releasing it as a free download. It's designed for character levels 8+.
  • Wyvern Crown of Cormyr: This was DLC back in the day, but now with the NWN authentication server down anyone can install and play any of these "premium modules". This is my favorite, having inspired the 1.69 update by making revolutionary changes to the game engine including new tilesets, new placables, new armor and clothing models, and best of all ridable horses. Take a little riding skill, and be ready to get your joust on. Again, you'll need an 8th level character to play it. 
  • Adam Miller Trilogy: This is a series of three campaigns; Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon. It's designed for up to three 1st and 2nd level characters. While the game is a little too linear for my taste the story is awesome. Start with Shadowlords: The Message and the game will automatically advance through all the modules. 
  • Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh: This is a conversion of the tabletop module. It supports up to four players between 1st and 3rd level and has sequels.
  • The Ailund Saga Act 1: This is an original work by Savant called "Nature Abhors a Vacuum". It supports up to six players with 1st level characters and there are four sequels available.
Other Cool Stuff:
  • Community Expansion Pack: This sets the standard for NWN custom content. Almost all the best custom content ever made for NWN is in this package. It includes custom placables, heads, clothing, items, weapons, etc. It also includes several custom creatures complete with skins and textures made by yours truly.
  • DMFI: The Dungeon Master Friendly Initiative is a package of tools designed to help DMs run games more efficiently and vastly improves the functionality of the native DM client. This is the the NWN version. The NWN2 version is here.
  • LS-TK Script Generator: In order to make a proper NWN module you'll need to make a LOT of scripts. NWScript is pretty much C with flair. This tool will help even complete noobs with NO scripting skills write functioning scripts.
  • Axe Murderers Killer Death System: This is my favorite death system for NWN. It's hardcore for us PnP types, but you don't have to make it a perma-death system like I do. MUAH HA HA HA HA!
  • NWN Lexicon: This is a complete lexicon of NWN scripting syntax. This is the most important NWN download a scripter ever make. The entire database is also available online at In all honesty the online version is more up-to-date, but download it anyway. Hobby sites don't last forever.
  • GMax: This is an easy to use but relatively powerful 3D Modeling tool. It has an active community that's newbie friendly so you'll get plenty of support! There are scores of great tutorials and the forums are welcoming and remarkably patient. Best of all when used in conjunction with NWNmax the models you create and animate are completely compatible with NWN1. 
In Game Screenshots