Saturday, May 21, 2016

News that's Not on the News

California poll workers are being lied to by the California DNC.

They are being told in training that independent voters, who are allowed to vote in CA primaries, are to be given "provisional" ballots.

This is a lie. Provisional ballots are almost never counted.

Registered Independent voters (or as they are called in Cali, "No Party Preference" voters) are supposed to be given something called a "crossover" ballot. These are included in the initial vote counts.

The DNC Thinks You are Stupid

They would have you believe that this is an honest mistake. They assure us that his has nothing to do with propping Hillary Clinton up against Bernie Sanders' tendency to win outstanding, even overwhelming, upsets when independent voters participate.

No steps are being taken to retrain their poll workers.

You can count on four things:

  • Hillary Clinton is going to win the California Primary.
  • There are going to be an unusually large number of provisional ballots submitted, and ignored, this year.
  • We are going to see the same voter purges, double digit exit poll discrepancies, poll closures, ballot shortages, and polling machine "malfunctions" that we saw in NY.
  • The mainstream media and Hillary's supporters will gleefully ignore the overt disintegration of our democracy and once again turn the outrage of Bernie's supporters into another variation of their "Bernie-Bro" dialog.

What rank and file Dems don't get is that the DNC is throwing them under the bus.

It's very likely that Bernie's supporters have already been driven away from Hillary for good but, if not, a shady California primary will be the last straw for hordes of Bernie's supporters both inside the Democratic party and out.

The Clinton campaign, unable to attack Sanders' for anything other than being ridiculously poor for a US Senator, and having a disorganized wife who lost their tax returns, has instead leveled a merciless barrage of attacks against Sanders' supporters. We have been portrayed as sexist, racist, stupid, naive, privileged, and even violent.

Having thus alienated pretty much every progressive independent in the country, and almost half of their own party faithful, Hillary's attempt to unify voters will be a disaster. Bernie supporters are already flocking to Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein or vowing to write Sanders in.

The Democrats are poising themselves to loose the white house to Donald Trump, and the Democratic Party bosses know it.

They would like to keep the White House, of course, but their need to protect the corrupt system that allows both them and their campaign contributors to profit by bartering votes for tax breaks, subsidies, and bail-outs is far more important than the results of a single election.

In simple terms...

The DNC would rather lose with Hillary Clinton than win with Bernie Sanders.