Monday, May 23, 2011

A Quick Thought About Harold Camping and the Aftermath of This Weekend's Rapture

A lot of irate folks are calling on the feds to help Harold Camping's victims. The consensus among these voices seems to be that the fed should seize his ill-gotten gains and distribute them to the people who gave away their belongings, quit their jobs, or otherwise messed up their lives.

I strongly disagree.

The Bible says flat out that nobody, not even the angels, will be warned in advance of the Rapture. These people, while they may be victims of a terrible lie, chose to ignore the word of God in favor of the word of a charismatic false prophet. Being a Christian is a responsibility, and the victims of this scam abdicated their responsibilities. They made a choice to ignore scripture, and they need to live with the consequences. I'm not prepared to surrender my first amendment right of free speech and my fourth amendment protection from search and seizure in order to protect people that should have known better in the first place. As far as Camping is concerned... I pray that he repents his evil ways and does the right thing. If he doesn't he'll have proven once and for all that he's not merely confused or misled. He's just plain evil and he's going to have to face his Judgment just like all evil men.

I shudder to contemplate the aeonian punishment that might be waiting for him.