Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nothing Like a Three Ring Election for a Great Show!

I'm loving this election.

I'm kinda enjoying watching the Democrats wading around in all the wild promises they couldn't keep, and the smug feeling of superiority that comes with knowing full well that it takes a heck of a lot longer than two years to turn around an economic disaster like the one we're crawling out of; A disaster brought about, by the way, by eight years of faux conservatism. It's also kinda fun watching full grown men running around screaming like a bunch of school girls in a pantie raid. Here's a news flash for you, ladies. The stimulus package worked. The recession is over. Businesses are growing again. They're just not sharing the money with you. If this surprises you go stand in the "stupid corner" and face the wall.

Here's another news flash for you Panicky Nancys out there: unemployment is always the last metric to improve after a recession. Deal with it. What the hell do you want the government to do about it? It's not the governments place to create jobs. That's what the private sector is for. The private sector has stabilized. In fact they're sitting on HUGE surpluses. They're just not hiring. In fact they're still firing. That's the way this game goes. Am I the only person alive old enough to remember that last time this happened? When all our manufacturing and engineering jobs got shipped to Mexico back in the 90's and we all wound up in the service industry? What can I say. It sucks to be us. But crying and voting in a bunch of corporate whores isn't going to change the situation.

And this brings me to the best part of this whole cluster %$#@: Watching the Grand Ol' Party implode.

That's right... The real clown show has come from the Republicans this session. They've strayed so far from real conservatism in the name of sucking big-money corporate ding-dong that they got their asses handed to them by a bunch of idiots running around screaming "CONSTITUTION! CONSTITUTION!"

Now this might have been a good thing if any of them had bothered to actually read the Constitution. Kinda makes a guy wonder what the heck were these clowns studied in high school instead.

Anyway... Congratulations, GOP. You chased away all the "RINOs" just in time for a party split to scoop up the radicals and sully the entire parties reputation by forcing the you to field illiterate nut-cases like Paladino and O'Donnell. Real smooth. "Republican Strategist" has officially become a contradiction in terms. Of course the lobbyists are adapting nicely. They know full well these upstarts will be all too eager to wrap their lips around their cash engorged hot corporate willies when re-election time rolls around. ;)

Now I'd like to make a comment about conservatism that's going to piss off a lot of people, but it needs to be said... If you haven't read the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution all the way through at least twice YOU'RE NOT A REAL CONSERVATIVE! You're just a chest thumping drone, and very likely a chump for the same special interests you're waving your fists and railing against.

The Conservative's Required Reading List:

There. That wasn't so hard was it? By the way... If you're really serious about understanding the conservative principles of our founding fathers a quick look at the Articles of Confederation wouldn't kill you either.