Monday, July 28, 2008

NWN 1.69 is Out

Bioware has just released the last ever patch for Neverwinter Nights 1, and OH WHAT A PATCH! Ridable horses, amazing new tilesets, and outstanding new models. I especially like the new armor models... very western European.

The downside, of course, being that I now need to completely rebuild Rel Mord in the new system.

Sadly I must bid a fond (and hopefully temporary) adieu to the Community Creature Pack.

Picking the CCP creatures out has been a major headache, but it needed to be done anyway as the newer versions were not compatible with the version 4 I was using anyway. I will be re-adding it as soon as it's up to speed with 1.69.

I'll be running out my new mod for NWNCon4.