Monday, May 10, 2010

The Grubby Paws Gang (AKA the IRS) Strikes Again

A couple of stories in my favorite trade mag have me REALLY pissed off.

The first is about the IRS trying to squeeze more money out of schools.

HEY! PAWS OFF! I mean seriously, the cost of higher education isn't enough for you already? You can't find a better source of revenue than this?

The other is about the IRS saber rattling about individuals failing to report IRAs properly.

Really? Is that the way it's gonna be under the Obama administration? Our IRA's tanked when the economy did. Our retirements have been pretty much lost, and now the tax man is going to come sniffing around looking for more money.

You can't find a better place to concentrate you enforcement efforts than this? REALLY?

As usually the king hunts down the peasants while our lords and masters rob the treasury blind.

"Change" my ass.