Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dems Destroyed in 2016 Election STILL Struggling to Take Responsibilty

Non-voters did NOT cost Hillary this election. It wasn't third parties or Wikileaks or Comey, either. These dialogs, coming out of the Democratic establishment in order to avoid responsibility for their epic failure to make any meaningful headway at all this election cycle, are complete and utter bullshit. In political commentary we call that "punching down": Blaming the powerless for the failures of the powerful.
HILLARY cost Hillary this election.  
What cost Hillary this election was that almost 1 in 10 DEMOCRATS voted for Donald Trump.
That's right. Hillary was such a badly chosen candidate that not only was she completely unable to attract the center, she wasn't even able to unify her own party.
Let's be crystal clear about what just happened. Hillary didn't just fail to inspire Democrats to "get out the vote", although that was certainly a factor. Hillary Clinton actually drove voters across the aisle.
It would seem a no-brainer that Hillary was just a bad nominee.
But no. Instead of taking responsibility for the fact that they rigged the primary process over threats of a #DemExit and nominated a candidate with a trending #NeverHillary hashtag, the Democratic establishment is trying to blame people who didn't vote, or voted outside the two party duopoly.

Blaming Jill Stein is stupid. If EVERY Stein voter had voted for Hillary she still would have lost. Gary Johnson is a CONSERVATIVE. If he took votes from anyone it was Donald Trump. Rachel Maddow is in the throws of cognitive dissonance when she suggests half of Gary Johnsons voters would ever vote for Hillary Clinton.
People who don't vote are not the problem. If a person can't be bothered to stay informed, they shouldn't vote. Uninformed voters don't help the Democratic Process.  
Besides, in Michigan (where Hillary lost by only 11,000 votes) 90,000 voters filled out their downticket ballot and left the ballot bubbles for President empty. Non-voters were just not the problem.
While the Democratic establishment and their bleating herd of loyalists are struggling with this concept, one undeniable truth is clear as day. They have nobody to blame but themselves.
Most of you have seen the Jonathan Pie video floating around, and SOME few liberals have shown at least a few glimmers of understanding, but most of them STILL haven't taken the real message to heart. They are creating a narrative that the reason they lost is that they didn't try hard enough to persuade.
Yes their unwillingness to communicate with dissenters... driven by an arrogant presumption of their innate moral superiority... was certainly a problem for them. Calling people sexist, or racist, or privileged was, indeed, an outrageously STUPID strategy for persuading people, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Their REAL problem was their shitty, war-criminal, corporatist candidate. Trying to "persuade" people wouldn't have changed that.
Listening might have.
If they had listened when #BernieOrBust started to trend... If they had been willing to compromise rather than "persuade"... They would ALL be celebrating today and Donald Trump would be back to his old day job of driving business ventures into the ground.
In the end the Media is going to hide their collusion with what has been, perhaps, one of the most colossal and incompetent failures in US politics since the Civil War by turning this into another variation of their "Bernie Bro" narrative. And they'll succeed. They'll blame Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders the same way they blamed Ralph Nader for 2000. That was a lie then, and it's a lie now, but it will play because they're the mass media and there's nobody around to say otherwise.
But those of us few who are informed and paying attention know better.
The Dems didn't lose this election because people didn't vote. They didn't lose because people voted for Jill Stein. They didn't lose because Bernie was mean to her before the primary.
They didn't lose this election because they didn't persuade.
The Dems lost this election because they refused to BE persuaded and that's 100% their own fault.


Oceanofgames said...

Stranahan is first rate, another truth seeker, infowars has set a standard for a lot of independent journalists showing them that it can be done and now there are enough of them to turn the tide. The deep state is in deep shit.

Kenny Marshall said...

Infowars is shit. Their sole function is to make those of us with legitimate criticism of the deep state look like a bunch of wackos. I'd be shocked if infowars wasn't bankrolled by the NSA or CIA to serve exactly that purpose.