Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#OurRevolution is Dead. Progressives Killed It.

#OurRevolution has doomed itself. By deciding that promoting progressivism is more important than putting a stop to government corruption they have permanently marginalized themselves.

Bernie had a wide range of independents supporting him including libertarians like myself and other disenfranchised conservatives. He even had the support of a number of Republicans. But be clear...
We supported Bernie despite his progressive world view, NOT because of it.

With the appointment of Jeff Weaver as the unelected "President" of the organization #OurRevolution is clearly positioning itself to put itself into debt to big donors, become a part of the corruption that it's pretending to champion against. It has decided to accept systemic corruption in order to promote a progressive agenda.

That is not a movement I have any wish to join.

The Greens are no alternative either. Bernie was a reformer who happened to be a progressive. We could live with that. Jill Stein is a progressive who happens to be a reformer. That's a pretty big difference.

We need put an end to the oligarchy FIRST. We need to agree to disagree on everything else. We can work out the rest of our differences later.

No... this "revolution" is over. Progressives killed it. I'm going back to the Libertarians for now.

You "revolutionaries" let us know when you're ready to start a revolution we can ALL get behind. Let us know when you're ready to focus on getting the legalized corruption out of the political process.

In the meantime enjoy getting nothing done.

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