Friday, November 19, 2010

Fine! Raise My F&($ing Taxes!

I for one am fed up with the Republican bullshit in regards to the Bush tax cuts.

Word to Obama:
If the Republicans filibuster just raise my f&($ing taxes. I've had it up to my eyeballs with spoiled rich b$#(%^s
f&($ing up the country so they can make a few pennies on the share in the market.

At some point the government has to get real about deficit reduction, and while cutting taxes for the middle class will, I believe, stimulate the economy; cutting taxes for the rich is like throwing $700 billion to Hong Kong.

The middle class is likely to spend their tax savings on paying bills and mortgages and otherwise funneling money back into local economies.
I'll grant that. It would be worth trying to keep them in the hopes that it stimulates jobs (and in acknowledgment that, quite frankly, we need the money).

But the Republican contention that cutting taxes for the rich will somehow stimulate the US economy is ludicrous. The rich will invest their tax savings, that's true, but they must take me for some kind of idiot if they think I'm financially illiterate enough to believe they're going to invest it in the US. This just ain't where the money is. If I have a choice between paying higher taxes and getting a handle on the deficit or letting a bunch of Fat Cats throw almost a trillion dollars into creating jobs in China and Brazil over the next ten years I'd just as soon cough up the extra taxes.

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