Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two-Faced Bastard Brigade Strikes Again: Congress Smacks Down Small Business

For all their talk about how important we are to the economic recovery congress has once again smacked small business owners across the face, especially in regards to hiring/retaining employees. The new law, appended quietly into the health care reform bill and having abso-frigging-lutely nothing to do with health care, requires small business owners to declare all purchases over $600 to the IRS on a separate form called a 1099 MISC. The idea is that they can use this information to bust your vendors for shorting their taxes by under-reporting sales. Everything a small business buys costs more than $600 a year. This is going to make our already ridiculously long tax packages into damned novels.

Did I join the IRS at some point and miss it? What the hell good is a tax cut if you're just going to take it out of my hide in administrative costs twice over? And did I mention that I have a business to run? I can't do that when I'm filling out bloody paperwork for the IR bloody S all freakin' day long. The greedy bastards are already taking up too much of my workday with their incessant money grubbing.

If the IRS really wants me to function as a tax enforcement officer they can just give me a badge and pay me to do it, otherwise would somebody remind these lazy schmucks that it's their job to catch tax cheats, not mine. 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The idea here is that the gov't can "imagine" a certain level of unreported economic activity, then claim that this measure will catch it all. Once they have 'captured' this previously unreported income, then can then "imagine" they will generate untold billions and this, in part, is how they plan on helping to pay for obamacare.

Ken H.

Urk said...

I don't think that's it at all, Ken. This is a stupid law designed to give idle IRS agents something to do. They don't expect to actually make any money here. They're a lot of things, but they're not stupid. They're afraid just afraid for their jobs. As the business culture becomes more and more computerized there's less and less need for human agents. As a very wise man once said "We’ve got to protect our phony bologna jobs, gentlemen! We’ve got to do something about this immediately!"