Monday, March 1, 2010

Ink: Movie Review

A puff of air can change the world.

My sister has given me many wonderful things in her life. Of these things Hulu is not the greatest, but neither is this the least.

I'm not going to bore you with a detailed review of this movie beyond this...

Someone once said that fairy tales don't exist to teach children there are dragons, fairy tales exist to teach children that dragons can be slain. Ink is a fairy tale.

But that's all. Anything I say will only spoil the experience for you. It's free. You can watch it yourself. Do it or not as you choose, but life offers few easy joys. Take the opportunity to enjoy this one. This movie threatened to displace π as my favorite all time film. It stands head and shoulders above anything a major studio could or would create. Once again thoughtful writing and skillful film-making trumps a big budget.

I don't want to become an independent film snob, but one or two movies like this and the mainstream film studios can kiss my ass goodbye for good.

Take a couple hours, get a drink, sit back, click the full screen button and watch. It will be a better one hour and forty seven minutes than you ever payed for in the Cinema, and the popcorn's a LOT cheaper.

EDIT: Well, you missed your chance to see it for free, but Ink is still available for purchase at

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